President Obama visit Atlanta today.


DAV Convention is an annual convention where veterans discuss topics relevant to them. This year, it’s being held in Atlanta and runs from  July 31 to August 3.


Air Force 1 is expected to land early Monday afternoon at Hartsfield-Jackson, after which, the President will make his way downtown to the Hyatt Regency on Peachtree Street. He’s expected to begin giving his remarks around 1:30 p.m


President Obama will be delivering an address to convention attendees, where he’s expected to discuss how the country can ensure veterans receive the benefits earned and continue expanding opportunities for service members and their families.

Later that afternoon behind closed doors, Obama will be at a private residence for a fundraising event for Hilary Clinton. (A cool $33,400 contribution to the Clinton campaign gets you through the door and a” photo opportunity”) with the president of the United States of America.

Obama is also set to attend a Democratic National Committee round table meeting with heavy weight donors and elected officials.He is scheduled to leave by 4pm in the afternoon.

Officials have not yet disclosed the exact route the President’s motorcade will take, but drivers in the immediate area near the Hyatt Regency can expect some delays. The location of the DNC event has also not been given, so it’s unknown what affect that will have on the afternoon commute.


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