Wayde Van Niekerk Breaks The Olympic World record.


Every person has a purpose that can uniquely effect the world around us. And sometimes that person’s achievements are so extraordinary, they shape generations to come.


Author : Isabelle Doll Ngcobo


If the future doesn’t come towards you . Go get it!


Wayde Van Niekerk made an epic and unprecedented entry into the Olympic stadiam on Sunday by smashing Michael Johnson’s 400m Olympic World record of 43.18 sec in 1999, setting a new Olympic World record  of 43.03 seconds. Wayde is actually the first South African sprinter to win an Olympic gold since Bevil Rudd, also in the 400, at Antwerp 1920.

The world witnessed  Van Niekerk’s display of athletism,  running with  high powered Speed , Stamina and Strengh as he took of sprinting from the dreaded. 8th left lane track of the  Marcecana Stadium in Rio  and won  the race  by a landslide as he sprinted  into a majesty of glory and Olympic history.


Focused and Poised with precision under pressure , mental toughness and armed with physical fitness, the essential component of a world class sprinter, was ready to take center stage by winning the Olympic gold medal and making history in the process. Winning not only for himself , but his team and his country South Africa , who just a few years ago, after 32 years was allowed back into Olympic Games competition to participate.

Van Niekerk winning the gold medal on Sunday was a win for every South African because ultimately  every success  motivates to achieve another success creating better  opportunities  for future South African Olympians.


With unconventional couching methods from  a 73 year old  great grandmother. It is apparent that old school couching for athletes are still relevant and necessary in today’ s modern couching techniques.

Bolt congratulates Van Niekerk after breaking the Olympic World record.


Talent and Passion were  not the only factors that got Wayde Van Niekerk to win the gold medal and set a new Olympic World record , but also old fashion hard work , enough sleep , listening to his body and on top of that, taking a trip  to Jamaica to train for two weeks with Jamaican sprinter  “Bolt”, the fastest man in the world and his couch.
Tannie Ans, as she is known – Tannie means auntie in Afrikaans language  – is credited with bringing a no-nonsense approach to Van Niekerk’s preparations, with spectacular results.

With her white helmet hair she was  constantly refused entry at the event because officials at the Olympics  apparently did not believe that she was a coach of a world-record holder in one of track’s glamour events.

Van Niekerk, who explained that arriving five minutes early for training was late in Botha’s eyes, her other athletes praise her methods – coupling discipline with a caring approach.

Botha said: “I dearly love all my athletes but it’s about being strict … We can laugh, but when we have to work hard, we work hard.”

She said she had no plans to retire. “You’re never too old to learn. I still love coaching and I still love my athletes,” Botha said.

“So I can’t see a reason why I would go and sit down and play with my fingers.”

Van Niekerk spoke warmly of Botha. “She’s an amazing woman,” he said. “She has played a huge role in who I am today and kept me very disciplined and very focused on the role and who I need to be.”

Yes! An Olympic Gold Winner who shattered. Michael Johnson’s 17 year old Olympic World  record at the 2016 Rio Olympics Games and  set a new world record time of 43.03 sec.

Winning Olympic Gold for your country certainly have it”s rewards


As a new Audi Sport Ambassador, Wayde van Niekerk (24) will have the deserved privilege of driving around in one of the fastest Audis in the country, namely the Audi RS 3 Sportback.


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