Viola Davis Rings In 2017 Honored With The First  Star* At Hollywood Walk Of Fame

By : Isabelle Doll Ngcobo

Dreams do come true . Finally!  Award winning actress Viola Davis  got her own Star * when she was honored at the Hollywood  Walk Of Fame on Thursday January 5th ,2017. .A childhood dream came true.
What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the master calls the butterfly, ‘ said Viola Davis  as she received the first win of 2017 when she was presented with her star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame.  

 Viola Davis   on Thursday, was honored with the first star of the year on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and became the 2,597th entertainer to make the career milestone. 

Accordibg to the USA Today  Davis was going to treat the day like any ordinary day, but that changed as soon as she began speaking to people in attendance.

 With a quivering voice  she reflected  on her father who died in 2006, and who, she says, would have thought “this is pretty fantastic.” 

On speaking of her father .Growing  up in  Central Falls  Rhode  Island, although her childhood  was filled  with many happy memories , it was also spent in object poverty. While  enduring it all , there was a little girl bursting with big dreams 

 Accompanied by her beautiful daughter Genesis ,her husband  and in the presence of friends, family , fans  and fellow icon  Meryl Streep who spoke and introduced Davis at the ceremony. said, ‘ The thing Viola can’t do is be invisible.She just can’t do it. “She can’t fade away; she can’t recede; she can’t be forgettable.Viola Davis is inevitable.She is like a sure thing, and her star has been waiting here patiently for 50 years for her. So let’s fix her in the fetmament of Hollywood .Let’s immortalize her in cement, and thank you for the amazing gift that you have given me and everybody here .And I just look forward to more and more from you..” 

 Pretty obvious that the two who have co-starred  in the 2008  movie “Doubt” have tremendous appreciation for each other’s  existance and talent because Viola Davis  in her speech mentioned how she was  in Awe that Meryl Streep spoke at her Hollywood Walk Of Fame ceremony and how back in the day her two idols she always spoke about was Cicely Tyson’s and Meryl Streep.

Davis who  starred allongside  Denzel Washington in the critical acclaimed movie ‘Fences‘ has already won a Critics Choice Awards for ” Best Supporting Actress”and is up for a Goldon Globe Award and now  a major  Oscar buzz for her role as Rose MacDonald .

 To say that Davis’ life has taken a dramatic turn is of course, an understatement. That’s perhaps why, during the Walk of Fame ceremony on Thursday in an emotional speech  Viola Davis paused and said , ” I cannot believe my life right now ” It’s like my life flashing before my eyes, and all I can say is, God has blessed my life in abundance.

 In 2015, the “How to Get Away With Murder” star was the first African American to win an Emmy 
 for lead actress in a drama.



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