Viola Davis Wins First Golden Globe Award 

Author : Isabelle Doll Ngcobo

 If mystical  clarevoyance power could spill  out January 2017 for Viola Davis   then great timing was certainly blessed and assured 

.First of everything in the first week of  January and the first month of 2017 for the dynamic and talented  Viola Davis .She was honored with  the first Star at the Hollywood Walk of Fame  this week and now won her  first Golden Globe award

The 51 year old actress Viola Davis won the  2017 Goldon Globe award  for Best performance by an actress in a supporting role in a motion picture .

Winning the acclaimed award  for Fences  directed by Denzel Washington ,  was  Viola Davis’s  first Goldon Globe win.

‘This is  my fifth nomination . I took all the pictures, I went to the luncheon,” she joked.“But it’s right on time.”

With humility and grace  she continued her acceptance speech upon receiving the award . She first  thanked her husband and beautiful daughter Genesis,then went on to thank  everybody else and said , “To anybody who believed in the play , It‘s not every day that Hollywood dreams of turning a play into a picture, It doesn’t  scream moneymaker, It does scream art , It does scream heart,” Viola Davis said,.’ In paying tribute to her father , she went on to say “The  story was in some ways a recognition of people  like my father who had a fifth grade education,groomed horses, and didn’t learn to read until he was a teenager.’ He had a story and it deserved to be told.’

She then turned her attention to a visibly emotional Denzel Washington who fought  back tears of joy for his Fences co -star’s Goldon globe win , himself having experienced  that moment of finally winning the award after several nominations in the same catagory that was previously a miss . Washington was also nominated for a Golden Globe award for Best actor for his role in “Fences” .

Filled with gratitude and appreciation she said to Denzell,Thank you for being an extraordinary leader, great actor, great director. Thank you for saying Trust me, and remember the love”

Backstage at the press room, Viola said she was relieved  to win.When asked about where she was going to put up the award. She calmly credited  her husband and said that he will probably put it up  on the shelf on an office desk as he did all the others because she had to get up in the morning and go to work  on the set of ” How To Get Away With Murder”.

The How To Get Away With Murder star became the first African American to win an  Emmy for Best actress in a drama in 2015 for her work as Annailisa Keating .

Viola‘s previous awards history also includes two Academy Award nominations, two SAG awards for “The Help” (one as part of the ensemble cast) and two more SAGs for ”How-to get away with Murder”

Davis’s knockout Golden Globe win was against fellow nominees  Nicole Kidman( Lion) ,Naomi Harris ( Moonlight),Octavia Spencer ( Hidden Figures)  and Michelle Williams (Manchester By The Sea) .  All 5 ladies are also contenders for the Sag Awards on January 29th.

To whom much is given

Winning awards almost certainly can make room or present new opportunities where the award recipient can lgive a voice to the voiceless.

  Davis uses her voice in her acceptance speeches  gracefully  in a theme through everything she says.

Upon winning an Emmy for How To Get Away With Murder at the Emmys, her theme was bringing awareness to create more opportunities for women of color in the movie and TV business.And winning a first Golden Globe Award for Best supporting actress in a supporting role for her stunning work in Fences, that acceptance speech brought attention to the importance of how theater matters too, by telling American stories that’s never been told before . And while it may not look like a moneymaker .It is sometimes necessary if studios wants to make art..

Pointing out that why the acclaimed play was so important on-screen, is because it reminded us that people like her father who only had a fith grade education, may not have  had many chances to see  characters like himself on-screen , but still had  a story to be told. With Fences that story was remarkably the first major feature film made from an acclaimed playwright’s work and in  multiplex worthy of a prized  ticket  for anyone to see.

In an emotional speech for her first Golden Globe win, were all the names of all the people who brought in August Wilson’s Pulitzer Prize winning monumental play from 1983 to the screen for almost 35 years , culminating to its star director Denzel Washington, which she called a friend and a fan. 


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