BY: Isabelle Doll Ngcobo

They had jokes!

Comedian and “Wild ‘N Out” cast member Emmanuel Hudson reacts to a well-timed “Yo Mama” joke at the “Wild ‘N Out: LIVE from the Barbershop” pop-up at Well Connected Barbershop in NYC on July 23, 2017

NEW YORK was lit JULY 24, 2017 .Yesterday afternoon, MTV hosted another “Wild ‘N Out: LIVE from the Barbershop” pop-up in New York at the popular Well Connected Barbershop in Lower Eastside Manhattan. The event was hosted by MTV’s own “Wild ‘N Out” cast members Rip Micheals and Emmanuel Hudson; music was provided by DJ Max October.

During the pop-up, guests took home over $1500 in cash by participating in hilarious activities such as a dance-off, “What U Got,” “Yo Mama” Jokes, “Trap Karaoke” and the “Wild Style Battle.” Winners were awarded cash and “Wild ‘N Out” merchandise; the winning “Wild Style” team took home $1000.

Attendees included filmmaker Coodie Simmons, Well Connected owner Willis The Barber, Omar Grant (BET Networks), and rapper Kris Kasanova.

#WildNOut airs Thursdays at 11/10c on @MTV

Click here to catch up on full episodes.

It didn’t take long for guests to gather at Well Connected.

The Well Connected squad — and co-hosts Emmanuel Hudson (far left) and Rip Micheals (far right) — was ready for action!

Tons of photos were snapped throughout the event.

First on the agenda: a Milly Rock dance-off.

Well Connected shop owner Willis the Barber (left) showed one young lady (right) whose house this was.

But wait! This lady was not to be outdone.

Award-winning filmmaker Coodie Simmons (left) stopped by and quickly let his social media followers know; It was a selfie-fest all day! (right)

“Look mom, I’m on ‘Wild ‘N Out!'”

The notorious “NY Yankee Dog” himself (aka Coqui the Maltipoo) rolled into the pop-up on his skateboard, of course.

No one was safe from the lure of “Wild ‘N Out.” Not even these unassuming tourists who happened to walk by the shop.

This good sport played “Truth or Dare”…

He chose the dare (left); So did this brave guest (right)

Barbers and stylists were on hand to provide cuts while you laughed.

Rip got a nice beard line-up.

During Trap Karaoke, “Wild ‘N Out” girl Adraysa Jackson gleefully finished performing Fetty Wap’s “My Way” for a guest who just couldn’t handle the lyrics.

The “Wild Style” Battle was intense!

DJ Max October kept the party going.

Anyone could join in on the games. And, boy, did they!

Trap Karaoke is harder than it looks, but it sure is fun!

This youngun’ stole the show with his rendition of Desiigner’s “Panda.”

Attendees walked away with cash money…

…especially the winning “Wild Style” team. $1000!

The livest Sunday ever!

#WildNOut airs Thursdays at 11/10c on @MTV

About “Wild ‘N Out”

MTV’s groundbreaking “Wild ‘N Out” is back with everything that made it a must-see show–the lightning fast comedic improv, head-to-head battling and of course, the master of ceremonies Nick Cannon. “Wild ‘N Out” is out for new blood… The original bloodline of “Wild ‘N Out” was undeniable, ushering the rise of comedic superstars who have since become household names from Kevin Hart to JB Smoove to Katt Williams. And now a legion of young, hungry, new comedic stars want in on the “Wild ‘N Out” pedigree–and the only way to earn it is through battle. The stakes are higher than ever before. “Wild ‘N Out” brings visceral, cutting, hip-hop edged comedy where the next vanguard wants to prove that can hold their own with the pure-bred all-stars, and the originators that success has kept their street cred–and legacy–intact. With competition coursing through their veins, this time the gloves are off and the “Wild ‘N Out” comics are going for the jugular in a setting that’s more rap battle than comedic stage. Its new blood mixed with pure blood to see which one really holds weight.



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